Important Update: MuDo IMA is Closed for Physical Classes (7/13/20)

Hello everyone,

In accordance with new mandates by the California governor regarding all fitness centers, MuDo IMA will be closed again as of July 13th, 2020


It has been great to see our students on the mat again for these past few weeks, and we thank all of you for your dedication to the safety measures we have had in place during the school's limited reopening.


We will inform everyone as soon as possible when safety mandates allow us to reopen again! In the meantime, please keep an eye out for updates on our primary social medias, and please be sure to whitelist MuDo IMA from your email spam folders just in case! 


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mudoima/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mudo_integrated_martial_art/

Stay safe and stay healthy, and we will see you again soon!

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About MuDo IMA

MuDo Integrated Martial Art is a comprehensive traditional martial art that is both physically and philosophically rigorous.

Training involves four areas of focus:

  • Martial Skill: Kicking, Striking, Joint Manipulations, Throwing, and Grappling

  • Strength and Conditioning: Fitness, Stretching, Resistance Training, Cardio

  • Ki (Energy) Work: Meditation, Breathing, Flowing Movement

  • Philosophy: Development of the Self, Spirit, Respect, Discipline, Integrity 

MuDo IMA was founded fifteen years ago by Master Yi as a culmination of many years of martial arts experience in a variety of disciplines. MuDo IMA is a system that has moved forward conceptually, philosophically, and technically. 

Recently Featured on Ready, Set, Move! 

Get FIT With MuDo Fitness! 

Santa Monica City TV and the hosts of Ready, Set, Move! visited MuDo IMA recently to experience the basics of martial arts training. 


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MuDo Hoodies available for $40. Please inquire at front desk or over the phone.

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