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What is MuDo Integrated Martial Art?

MuDo Integrated Martial Art is a comprehensive traditional martial art school in Santa Monica that is both physically and philosophically rigorous, designed for adults, teens, and kids. "MuDo" means "Martial Way", promoting living a life of strong spirit and dedication to self development.

Training involves four areas of focus:

  • Martial Skill: Kicking, Striking, Joint Manipulations, Throwing, and Grappling

  • Strength and Conditioning: Fitness, Stretching, Resistance Training, Cardio

  • Ki (Energy) Work: Meditation, Breathing, Flowing Movement

  • Philosophy: Development of the Self, Spirit, Respect, Discipline, Integrity 

MuDo IMA was founded in 2003 by Master Yi as a culmination of many years of martial arts experience in a variety of disciplines. MuDo IMA is a system that has moved forward conceptually, philosophically, and technically. 

Free Trial Classes for all class groups (Adults, Teens, and Juniors) are on 

Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!

Tap the images above to see our schedule, register for a trial class, or view testimonials.


Available for New Students!

Build yourself up this season with martial arts classes in Santa Monica! 

The MuDo IMA School is currently offering a special New Student Membership of 1 Month for $99.

All skill levels are welcome, no uniform required for the 1 Month period.

2024 New Student Special Flyer.png

MuDo IMA is Open for In-Person Classes for Adults and Juniors!

A female martial arts student at the MuDo Integrated Martial Art School performs a kick.

Hello everyone,

MuDo IMA is open for in-person classes for adults and juniors. 

MuDo Open Class is for all of our junior aged students (ages 3 and 1/2 through 13). 

MuDo Kids Class is for our older junior students (ages 8 through 13). 

MuDo Adults and Teens Class is for adult students, and teens ages 13 and up. 

  • All instructors are fully vaccinated.

  • Masks are no longer required at the school at this time, but students and guests may choose to wear them.

  • Reservations required for first-time trial students. We welcome you to try a first class with us! Reach out to us using the contacts page to inquire for a free trial class.

Thank you everyone!

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MuDo IMA Community News 

Ms. GiGi Joyner, MuDo IMA Black Belt, FBI Special Agent

One of our MuDo IMA Black Belts, Ms. GiGi Joyner, left a successful career in business to join the FBI. Special Agent Joyner is a guest this week at Houston Newsmakers to talk about the diversity the FBI is looking for. Click this link, or the image below, to watch the interview on Houston Newsmakers's website

Gigi Joyner attending an interview at the Houston Newsmaker headquarters.
MuDo IMA Featured on Ready, Set, Move! 

Get FIT at MuDo Integrated Martial Art! 

Santa Monica City TV and the hosts of Ready, Set, Move! visited MuDo IMA to experience the basics of martial arts training. 


(310) 980 - 5790


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MuDo Hoodies available for $40. Please inquire at front desk or over the phone.
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