MuDo IMA General Schedule

MuDo IMA currently has Online and In-Person/Outdoor classes available. 

If you would like to register to take a class, or if you are interested in a free trial class, please visit our Reservations page. 

MuDo IMA | General Schedule 2021


MuDo Online Classes are conducted on Zoom. New links are available on the 1st of each month. 

MuDo Outside Classes are conducted at the MuDo IMA studio, with indoor equipment access in rotations. 

MuDo Adults & Teens Classes are in-person at the MuDo IMA studio with a Zoom class as well for Online students.

Mini MuSa | Ages 3 1/2 to 5

Mighty MuSa | Ages 5 to 8     

MuDo Kids | Ages 8 to 13 

MuDo Teens | Ages 13 to 17 

MuDo Adults Ages 18 and up 

Community Class (Online) | All Junior Age Groups, Trial Class
MuDo Black Belt Program | Teens and Adults, Members Only

MuDo Integrated Martial Art is a comprehensive martial arts system integrating the use of striking, joint manipulations, throwing, and grappling. Central in its practice is development of the self. 

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