MuDo IMA Schedule and Programs

MuDo IMA is welcoming students to the school for in-person training! More information about each of our programs can be found on this page, below the schedule. If you would like to register to take a class, or if you are interested in a free trial class, please visit our Contact page. 

*Please Note: As city mandates continue to evolve regarding gyms and fitness centers (including martial arts schools), our class schedules may adjust accordingly.

In-Person Class Schedule

In-Person Schedule (July 2021).png

MuDo Open Class is designed for all of our junior aged students including Mini MuSa (ages 3 and 1/2 through 5), Mighty MuSa (ages 5 through 8) and MuDo Kids (ages 8 through 13). They meet at 5pm - 5:45pm on Wednesdays and Fridays, and at 11am - 11:45am on Saturdays. 

MuDo Kids Class is an additional class option for our older junior students (ages 8 through 13). They meet at 4pm - 4:45pm on Wednesdays and Fridays, and 10am - 10:45am on Saturdays. 

MuDo Adults and Teens Class meets at 6pm - 7:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as 12pm - 1:30pm on Saturdays. (Mondays are not currently available for trial classes) Teens are 13 years and older, though some 13 year olds train in the MuDo Kids program, as it is the transition age between the two.

MuDo Online is a supplementary class option for students. These classes are run on Zoom at the same time as the in-person classes. There are also Sunday classes available online for MuDo Kids at 10am - 10:45am. 

Black Belt Program is an additional program for Adult and Teen students. Members Only.

MuDo Online Schedule

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MuDo IMA Programs

MuDo Integrated Martial Art is a comprehensive martial arts system integrating the use of striking, joint manipulations, throwing, and grappling. Central in its practice is development of the self. 

Mini & Mighty Musa

Mini MuSa (ages 3 and 1/2 through 5) and Mighty MuSa (ages 5 through 8) students focus on kicking, striking, and combos, as well as overall focus, discipline, and strength of spirit.

In-Person classes for junior aged students are available during Open Class.


Reservations required for trial class.

Online classes are available on Zoom in MuDo Online.

Open Class

Available for Mini MuSa, Mighty MuSa, and MuDo Kids (Juniors Only). All students train together on the mat at the MuDo IMA school.

Reservations required for trial class.

MuDo Kids

MuDo Kids (ages 8 through 13) students focus on kicking and striking, as well as defensive techniques with a partner, including Defense Against Punch, Defense Against Kick, and Defense Against Wrist Grabs. Strength and resiliency drills are integral to training. Emphasis is placed on focus, discipline, and strength of spirit. 

MuDo Kids may train in their own MuDo Kids class period, or, they may take the MuDo Open Class with other junior aged students.

Reservations required for trial class.

Online classes are available on Zoom in MuDo Online.

Black Belt Program

The Black Belt Program is a special 12-months, unlimited-classes-per-week membership designed for MuDo IMA to create a stronger path toward students achieving Black Belt ranking. Students commit to a year of training in support of the school as well as their own development as martial artists.

Available for MuDo Teens & Adults. 

Students have unlimited class access to all MuDo Teens & Adult classes, including a 1-hour members only class on Sundays. Access to MuDo Online is included for all Black Belt Program members. Weapons training is incorporated into the Sunday class. 

Please inquire for more information.

MuDo Adults & Teens

MuDo Adults & Teens (ages 13 and up) students focus on kicking and striking, as well as partner techniques including Defense Against Punch, Kick, and Wrist Grabs. Students are introduced to grappling and sparring drills in a controlled environment. Physical fitness is emphasized in martial arts based cardio, strength, and resiliency drills. Students of all experience levels are encouraged to join!  

All Adults & Teens classes are available In-Person at the MuDo IMA school. Free trial class requires a reservation. Regular class attendance for members does not require reservation.

Online classes are available on Zoom in MuDo Online.

MuDo Online

Good for long-distance and supplementary training, this separate program is $85/mo and allows students to train from home using Zoom.

Monthly auto-pay registration required. 

Classes renew every 1st of the Month.

Ranking requirements Online are different from the regular / Outside Class requirements, though Online Class credits can be partially applied to regular training. An active MuDo Online membership is required to earn ranking credits.