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Master Instructor Yi

The Founder and Master Instructor of MuDo IMA, Master Yi has been training in martial arts since childhood. He trained under Grand Master Bong Soo Han, where he served as Senior Black Belt Instructor and Managing Director of the International Hapkido Federation. His experience includes earning black belts in Jujutsu and Tae Kwon Do, as well as additional training in boxing, wrestling, Kenpo, JuDo, and Tang Soo Do, among others. 

Master Yi's martial skill and experience have been sought as an Instructor of Defensive Tactics for the FBI, by local police departments, and military Special Forces. 

Highly knowledgeable and philosophically oriented, Master Yi guides students in physical training and self development.

Senior Instructor Mr. Brousseau

The first MuDo IMA student to earn a Black Belt, Mr. Brousseau has been training at MuDo for over twelve years. Focused and firm, he instructs both adult and junior classes of all ages and ranks. He currently trains in the MuDo Adults class.

Instructor Mr. Pross

Mr. Pross is among MuDo IMA's most dedicated students, and the second to earn a Black Belt. He began his training at age 5, and has since become one of the highest ranking students at the school. He now trains in the MuDo Adults class, and gives back to the school by teaching the Mini MuSa, Mighty MuSa, and MuDo Kids classes. As a student who has remained focused and disciplined as he grew up through each class age group, he has a unique perspective on training that is beneficial to connecting with junior students. He is currently away studying at university.

Instructor Ms. Sundeen

Ms. Sundeen is the School Manager at MuDo IMA, and she has been training at MuDo IMA and instructing junior students since 2011. She is involved in the MuDo community, hosting and organizing school events including the annual MuDo Banquet, monthly movie nights, summer camp days, and birthday parties. She is a University of Southern California graduate with a degree in writing and animation. She currently trains in the MuDo Adults class and MuDo Black Belt Program.

Instructor Mr. Hamill

Mr. Hamill is the Operation Manager and Social Media Coordinator at MuDo IMA, and he has been training and teaching at MuDo since 2012. Friendly and community oriented, Mr. Hamill instructs all junior classes and dedicates times to getting to know the parents of the students. He is an artist specializing in painting from his home studio. He currently trains in the MuDo Adults class and MuDo Black Belt Program.

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